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  • JPY/USD 0.006355 -0.00011242
  • JPY/EUR 0.005832 -0.00023391
  • JPY/GBP 0.004909 -0.00032003
  • JPY/CHF 0.005637 -0.00025176
  • JPY/MXN 0.114214 0.00362017
  • JPY/INR 0.531832 -0.00734633
  • JPY/BRL 0.035238 0.00158517
  • JPY/CNY 0.046141 -0.00068048

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Japanese Yen to Swiss Franc exchange rate is influenced by a variety of factors including economic data, political events, central bank decisions, market sentiment, and global financial news.
Today conversion rate from 1 JPY to CHF is CHF0.01.
Yes, our site provides historical charts that show the trends and fluctuations in the Japanese Yen to Swiss Franc exchange rate over different time periods.
While it's impossible to predict rates with certainty, staying informed about market trends and economic forecasts can help you make educated guesses.
The exchange rate can fluctuate frequently due to the forex market's high volatility. It can change multiple times within a single day.