Currency Converter Tools Page

Everything you need to convert currency on the fly and on the go. Web-based apps, browser extensions, WordPress plugins, and mobile apps that help you be more productive and get more done.

Wordpress Plugin

Do you own or manage a website that deals with customers from around the world? Do you have an eCommerce platform where you sell goods or services in multiple currencies? Help your customers compare costs and calculate fees in their own currency with the Currency Converter Widget from Currency.Wiki. This high-performance, incredibly intuitive WordPress plugin was built with ease and functionality at its core. Check out this highly customizable plugin today.

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Chrome Extension

The world is smaller than it used to be, with technology connecting us with buyers and sellers around the world. Shop and carry out work borderless, without cumbersome currency conversion software and flipping back and forth between sites and tools. Install our Chrome Extension today and experience the convenience of currency conversion on the fly no matter what website you’re browsing.

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Edge Add-on

Now available for Microsoft Edge users! We bring the best features of our famed Currency Converter App to Edge, empowering users to make on-demand currency conversion calculations across the web. Experience the simplicity, power and efficiency of currency conversions no matter what websites you’re visiting…all from your browser.

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Android App

Put the power of the world’s best currency converter app at your fingertips with the Currency Converter App by Currency.Wiki. As intuitive as it is beautiful, this highly functional mobile app has everything you need to work with hundreds of global currencies at home or on the go.

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iOS App

Compatible on mobile and tablet, our iOS app brings the power and efficiency of our web app to iOS, empowering iOS users to make accurate and reliable currency conversions from the palm of their hand. Experience the intuitive interface and robust feature set of our iOS app, and get more done quicker when working with multiple currencies.

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