Built with passion and purpose, Currency.Wiki is the dreamchild of a talented University of Arizona (UofA) programming and design team.

From this humble project came the first iteration of Currency.Wiki, a performance-minded modern web application designed to make currency conversion tasks simple, accurate and efficient.

But they didn’t stop there. Ever the innovators, the team behind Currency Wiki knew that they could use the initial web app as a foundation upon which they could build a series of currency conversion solutions.

With a goal of making currency conversion efficient, accessible and reliable, the team set out to transform the way professionals, students and consumers handled varying currency exchange rates online.

Today, Currency.Wiki proudly offers a range of currency exchange rate solutions for mobile devices (iOS and Android), websites (WordPress plugin), and browsers (Chrome and Edge extensions).

Online or offline, at home, at work, or on the go, users of CurrencyWiki now have the ability to convert currencies from any device at any time.

Currency.Wiki solutions offer simple and intuitive user interfaces, a myriad of useful features, customizable options, and the ability to make conversions on the fly no matter where in the world it’s users are.

Compatible with hundreds of the world’s most common currencies and available in dozens of languages, Currency Wiki is truly breaking down borders and empowering connectivity and commerce around the world.


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