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  • BIF/USD 0.000353 -0.00000046
  • BIF/EUR 0.000337 0.00001273
  • BIF/JPY 0.052635 0.00181252
  • BIF/GBP 0.000292 0.00001510
  • BIF/CHF 0.000325 0.00000890
  • BIF/MXN 0.006380 0.00029601
  • BIF/INR 0.029340 0.00012397
  • BIF/BRL 0.001822 0.00008504
  • BIF/CNY 0.002537 -0.00002203

BIF/NPR exchange rate in the last 90 days

Over the last 90 days, Burundian Franc has strengthened by 0.74% against Nepalese Rupee, rising from NPRs0.0466 to NPRs0.0470 per Burundian Franc. The forex market operates continuously, with rates subject to frequent fluctuations due to various economic, political, and market conditions impacting the value of Burundian Franc against Nepalese Rupee.

bif/npr Historical Chart

Today conversion rate from 100 Burundian Francs to Nepalese Rupees is NPRs4.7


Burundian Franc Currency

Country: Burundi

Symbol: FBu


Bank: Banque de la Republique du Burudi (Ibanki ya Republika Y'UBurundi)

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Nepalese Rupee Currency

Country: Nepal

Symbol: NPRs


Bank: Nepal Rastra Bank

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Quick Conversion Guide

Burundian Francs(BIF) to Nepalese Rupees(NPR)
FBu93 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.37 Nepalese Rupees
FBu94 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.41 Nepalese Rupees
FBu95 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.46 Nepalese Rupees
FBu96 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.51 Nepalese Rupees
FBu97 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.55 Nepalese Rupees
FBu98 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.6 Nepalese Rupees
FBu99 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.65 Nepalese Rupees
FBu100 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.7 Nepalese Rupees
FBu101 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.74 Nepalese Rupees
FBu102 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.79 Nepalese Rupees
FBu103 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.84 Nepalese Rupees
FBu104 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.88 Nepalese Rupees
FBu105 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.93 Nepalese Rupees
FBu106 Burundian Francs NPRs 4.98 Nepalese Rupees
FBu107 Burundian Francs NPRs 5.02 Nepalese Rupees
Nepalese Rupees(NPR) to Burundian Francs(BIF)
NPRs93 Nepalese Rupees FBu 1980.6 Burundian Francs
NPRs94 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2001.9 Burundian Francs
NPRs95 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2023.2 Burundian Francs
NPRs96 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2044.49 Burundian Francs
NPRs97 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2065.79 Burundian Francs
NPRs98 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2087.09 Burundian Francs
NPRs99 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2108.38 Burundian Francs
NPRs100 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2129.68 Burundian Francs
NPRs101 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2150.98 Burundian Francs
NPRs102 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2172.27 Burundian Francs
NPRs103 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2193.57 Burundian Francs
NPRs104 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2214.87 Burundian Francs
NPRs105 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2236.16 Burundian Francs
NPRs106 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2257.46 Burundian Francs
NPRs107 Nepalese Rupees FBu 2278.76 Burundian Francs