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 United Arab Emirates Dirham =  Afghan Afghanis

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  • AED/USD 0.272258 0.00000815
  • AED/EUR 0.256170 0.00771179
  • AED/JPY 40.438988 1.26826068
  • AED/GBP 0.222813 0.00920980
  • AED/CHF 0.247766 0.00442903
  • AED/MXN 4.697930 0.04574304
  • AED/INR 22.626387 0.30231246
  • AED/BRL 1.343619 0.03355416
  • AED/CNY 1.990694 0.02499768

AED/AFN exchange rate in the last 90 days

United Arab Emirates Dirham to Afghan Afghani exchange rate: Over the last 90 days, the United Arab Emirates Dirham has depreciated by -9.26% against the Afghan Afghani, decreasing from Af23.4176 to Af21.4333 per United Arab Emirates Dirham. The foreign exchange market is always open, and rates are frequently changing due to numerous factors related to the trading relationship between the Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

aed/afn Historical Chart

Today conversion rate from 1000 UAE Dirhams to Afghan Afghanis is Af21433.31


United Arab Emirates Dirham Currency

Country: United Arab Emirates

Symbol: AED


Bank: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

Interesting fact about United Arab Emirates Dirham


Afghan Afghani Currency

Country: Afghanistan

Symbol: Af


Bank: Da Afghanistan Bank

Interesting fact about Afghan Afghani

Quick Conversion Guide

UAE Dirhams(AED) to Afghan Afghanis(AFN)
AED993 UAE Dirhams Af 21283.28 Afghan Afghanis
AED994 UAE Dirhams Af 21304.71 Afghan Afghanis
AED995 UAE Dirhams Af 21326.15 Afghan Afghanis
AED996 UAE Dirhams Af 21347.58 Afghan Afghanis
AED997 UAE Dirhams Af 21369.01 Afghan Afghanis
AED998 UAE Dirhams Af 21390.45 Afghan Afghanis
AED999 UAE Dirhams Af 21411.88 Afghan Afghanis
AED1000 UAE Dirhams Af 21433.31 Afghan Afghanis
AED1001 UAE Dirhams Af 21454.75 Afghan Afghanis
AED1002 UAE Dirhams Af 21476.18 Afghan Afghanis
AED1003 UAE Dirhams Af 21497.61 Afghan Afghanis
AED1004 UAE Dirhams Af 21519.05 Afghan Afghanis
AED1005 UAE Dirhams Af 21540.48 Afghan Afghanis
AED1006 UAE Dirhams Af 21561.91 Afghan Afghanis
AED1007 UAE Dirhams Af 21583.35 Afghan Afghanis
Afghan Afghanis(AFN) to UAE Dirhams(AED)
Af993 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.33 UAE Dirhams
Af994 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.38 UAE Dirhams
Af995 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.42 UAE Dirhams
Af996 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.47 UAE Dirhams
Af997 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.52 UAE Dirhams
Af998 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.56 UAE Dirhams
Af999 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.61 UAE Dirhams
Af1000 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.66 UAE Dirhams
Af1001 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.7 UAE Dirhams
Af1002 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.75 UAE Dirhams
Af1003 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.8 UAE Dirhams
Af1004 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.84 UAE Dirhams
Af1005 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.89 UAE Dirhams
Af1006 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.94 UAE Dirhams
Af1007 Afghan Afghanis AED 46.98 UAE Dirhams