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  • CAD/JPY 110.421911 1.39451758
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  • CAD/BRL 3.667216 0.02079412
  • CAD/CNY 5.431685 -0.03961470

CAD/MOP exchange rate in the last 90 days

Canadian Dollar to Macanese Pataca exchange rate: Over the last 90 days, the Canadian Dollar has depreciated by -2.37% against the Macanese Pataca, decreasing from MOP$6.1163 to MOP$5.9745 per Canadian Dollar. The foreign exchange market is always open, and rates are frequently changing due to numerous factors related to the trading relationship between the Macao and the Canada.

cad/mop Historical Chart

Today conversion rate from 250 Canadian Dollars to Macanese Patacas is MOP$1493.62


Canadian Dollar Currency

Country: Canada

Symbol: CA$


Bank: Bank of Canada

Interesting fact about Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar first came to be in 1871, as the former colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia formed a Federation of provinces in 1867. More provinces followed, formally adopting this currency.


Macanese Pataca Currency

Country: Macao

Symbol: MOP$


Bank: Monetary Authority of Macao

Interesting fact about Macanese Pataca

Quick Conversion Guide

Canadian Dollars(CAD) to Macanese Patacas(MOP)
CA$243 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1451.79 Macanese Patacas
CA$244 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1457.77 Macanese Patacas
CA$245 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1463.74 Macanese Patacas
CA$246 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1469.72 Macanese Patacas
CA$247 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1475.69 Macanese Patacas
CA$248 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1481.67 Macanese Patacas
CA$249 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1487.64 Macanese Patacas
CA$250 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1493.62 Macanese Patacas
CA$251 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1499.59 Macanese Patacas
CA$252 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1505.56 Macanese Patacas
CA$253 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1511.54 Macanese Patacas
CA$254 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1517.51 Macanese Patacas
CA$255 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1523.49 Macanese Patacas
CA$256 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1529.46 Macanese Patacas
CA$257 Canadian Dollars MOP$ 1535.44 Macanese Patacas
Macanese Patacas(MOP) to Canadian Dollars(CAD)
MOP$243 Macanese Patacas CA$ 40.67 Canadian Dollars
MOP$244 Macanese Patacas CA$ 40.84 Canadian Dollars
MOP$245 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.01 Canadian Dollars
MOP$246 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.18 Canadian Dollars
MOP$247 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.34 Canadian Dollars
MOP$248 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.51 Canadian Dollars
MOP$249 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.68 Canadian Dollars
MOP$250 Macanese Patacas CA$ 41.84 Canadian Dollars
MOP$251 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.01 Canadian Dollars
MOP$252 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.18 Canadian Dollars
MOP$253 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.35 Canadian Dollars
MOP$254 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.51 Canadian Dollars
MOP$255 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.68 Canadian Dollars
MOP$256 Macanese Patacas CA$ 42.85 Canadian Dollars
MOP$257 Macanese Patacas CA$ 43.02 Canadian Dollars